custom wedding dressesAs many as you know, I’m a HUGE Sarah MacLean fan and was eagerly (more like desperately) waiting for The Rogue Not Taken to be released in late December. It’s always a big worry when an author takes so long to release her/his book…will it be awesome? will it be crap? will I love the characters? will I love the story? So many worries 😉 This gorgeous blue ball gown dress designed by Lunss

Anyway, I’m happy to report that I did indeed love it but will not be giving it my highest rating as “King”, the hero, did not grovel on his knees to our heroine, Sophie, who deserved to be grovelled at after the way he treated her! In fact, he should be on his knees apologising to her for the rest of his life!! Still, it was a fun read with many great lines (mostly from Sophie) and sexy moments.

I don’t want to say anything else about it but will, again, be eagerly awaiting her next book with the Duke of Warnick as her naughty Scot hero 🙂