A Spiced Apple Winter: A Fairfield Orchard Novel



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When actor and friend Tyler Fairfield, with whom she had a one-night stand, returns to Fairfield Orchard, Brianna MacDougall is shaken to the core as old feelings resurface and his beautiful costar arrives, determined to change her image with Tyler’s help.

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Welcome back to Fairfield Orchard, where apples and romance are ripe for the picking…

Actor Tyler Fairfield is Spencer Hollow’s only home-grown celebrity. To Brianna MacDougall, he’s a friend who became a lover over the course of one wild night in New York City. They both agreed it was a mistake—so why can’t Bri forget? Maybe because Tyler makes her feel like the only person in a crowded room. Or because his kisses melt her like warm caramel over ice cream. Tyler back in town means temptation 24/7. Bri has more than enough on her plate producing a holiday play and running her family business, but this new secret fling can’t last (right?) so she intends to enjoy every minute of it…

Bri’s like no woman Tyler’s known—including Gabrielle, his former costar. Fairfield Orchard and Tyler himself are part of the plan to rehabilitate Gabrielle’s image, but scorching encounters and tender moments with Bri make Tyler wish he hadn’t signed on. He’d trust Bri with anything; she’s his heart and his home. But proving it to her may bring more drama than either of them bargained for…

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