Becoming Bella: A Ghost Falls Novel, Book 2



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While running the local bridal shop, Bella Erikson, the unofficial sweetheart of Ghost Falls, Utah, gains the attention of a stalker and only Sheriff Nate Evans, the man she has secretly loved for years, can protect her from the emoji/giant bouquet sending mystery man.

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This Christmas, a good reputation can really get in a girl’s way . . .
As long as she can remember, Bella Erikson’s been the unofficial sweetheart of Ghost Falls, Utah. And ever since Nate Evans dipped her braids in purple paint in the first grade, he’s been her dream guy. Not that she minds the attention, but sometimes she wishes people saw more in her than just the girl who still has a crush on Sheriff Evans. She has a life after all, a new dress shop to run, and more mature relationships to pursue . . .

Nate knows he’s not good enough for sweet Bella. But he’s pretty sure the new guy sending her heart emojis and giant bouquets isn’t either. And when Bella’s suitor turns stalker, protecting Bella isn’t just Nate’s instinct—it’s his duty. Crammed together for safety and really talking for the first time in years, Bella and Nate can’t fight the moment their chemistry turns into pyrotechnics. Whether it will burn them out or light up the sky, only time will tell . . .

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