Bel, Book, and Scandal: A Belfast McGrath Mystery, Book 3



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Wedding caterer Bel McGrath, who has a penchant for trouble, after a visitor leaves behind a photograph that is related to her past, decides to investigate the disappearance of her best friend, Amy, long ago and unearths old secrets that shed new light on those around her.

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Maggie McConnon rings in Christmas in Bel, Boiok, and Scandal, the third adventure for everybody’s favourite Irish-American culinary artist turned amateur sleuth.

Bel McGrath tries her best to keep herself on the straight and narrow but she just has a taste for trouble. This time danger arrives in the form of a newspaper left behind by visitors to Shamrock Manor—and a photograph that jolts Bel out of the present and back into a dark chapter from her past. The person in the photo is Bel’s best friend Amy Mitchell, long gone from Foster’s Landing, at a commune in upstate New York shortly after her disappearance. The picture, and Bel’s burning desire to find out what happened to Amy—and whether she may still be alive—is the catalyst for a story in which old secrets are revealed, little by little…and certain characters are shown to not be as genuine as Bel once thought.

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