Beyond a Reasonable Donut: A Deputy Donut Mystery, Book 5



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While working a booth at a local carnival, a Wisconsin donut shop owner experiences a series of robberies, including by a magician who steals from the cash register in the fifth novel of the series following Boston Scream Murder

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In the fifth Deputy Donut Mystery by Agatha Award-nominated author Ginger Bolton, Emily Westhill, owner of the best donut shop in town–alongside her retired police chief father-in-law and her tabby cat Deputy Donut–is gearing up to man the donut tent at the annual Friday the 13th fair…

Selling her corn fritters at a carnival, Deputy Donut Café owner Emily Westhill faces off against a murderer who doesn’t play fair…

Emily and her assistant, Nina, are looking forward to manning the Deputy Donut tent at the Faker’s Dozen Carnival in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin–a festival held on Friday the thirteenth to celebrate good and bad luck. But Emily has barely dropped the corn fritters in oil when bad luck boils up. First, their bucket of confectioner’s sugar disappears–and then while a mime creates a distraction, a magician robs their cash register.

After the carnival, their misfortune continues. Emily discovers that someone has broken into artist Nina’s loft and vandalized a large painting in progress with the bucket of stolen sugar, which is now on the head of the mime, who seems to have been suffocated. Emily would bet Nina was the intended victim, but the cops think Nina silenced the mime. Now Emily must catch the killer white-handed–before someone else kicks the bucket…

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