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Includes: Carolina Wolf and Carolina Pearl

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Carolina Wolf

All it takes is a spark of Grrrrl power to set the swamp on fire!

Debra Henry is living the meek librarian cliche, except for the teeny hint of magic in her blood. As the keeper of magical knowledge passed down from her ancestors, she’s content with her quiet existence in the tiny town of Culford, South Carolina. But a monstrous attack could reveal her secret and end her life.

Maddox Moreau was a happy lone wolf until the day he spotted pretty, bewitching Debra along the trails of the Congaree Swamp. When he saves her, his fate is bound up in hers, and they have to learn to work together in a hurry to defeat the spread of evil.

Warning: This story contains librarian fetishes, Southern humour, smartass women and men who think that’s sexy, disco music, and flatulent Boxers (the dogs, not the underwear.) Also, medieval werewolf history nerds – this one’s for you.

Carolina Pearl

There were no wolves in South Carolina. As he repeated his new mantra, it howled again. Conn Lucas is the bastard son who inherited the family home on the Congaree Swamp in Culford, South Carolina. Now he only has to deal with his cousin sabotaging him, his ancestors haunting him, and his gorgeous neighbuor distracting him.

Blair Moreau knows Conn is her mate, but he’s proving to be difficult to convince that they’re a fated pair. If only the stubborn man would let her help, all his problems would be solved. It takes a wild night with a nail gun before they find they work better together than they ever can apart.

Warning: This story contains a man strong enough to love a strong woman, a werewolf with mad DIY skills, meddling ghosts, and a piddling Doberman. Which is better than meddling Dobermans and piddling ghosts.

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