Cowboy Trouble



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Libby Brown finds the help of her cowboy neighbor Luke Rawlins invaluable as she tries to make the transition from big city journalist to chicken farmer, but when the pair gets embroiled in a local crime they find their growing attraction proves only to complicate their lives.

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In this reissue of Joanne Kennedy’s heart-winning debut novel Cowboy Trouble, love under the wide blue skies awaits…

You can’t go it alone in a place this hard

Her latest love-life disaster behind her, Libby Brown flees to the Wyoming countryside to fulfill a childhood dream by starting her own chicken farm from scratch. But the West is wilder than she expected, and while she’s determined to succeed on her own, the sexy, sturdy cowboy next door sure is helpful…

Rancher Luke Rawlins is impressed by the sassy, independent city girl and he’s ready to prove that he’s with her for the long haul. But a mystery from the past soon threatens their new bond and tests their love in ways Luke and Libby never could have imagined…

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