Crushed: An Ellie Macintosh Thriller



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When a serial killer issues them a direct challenge, detectives Ellie MacIntosh and Jason Santiago fear that they have met their match and must race against time to try to solve the unsolvable before more innocent lives are lost

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Crushed: the next sizzling thriller in Kate Watterson’s Ellie MacIntosh series, for fans of Allison Brennan and Sandra Brown

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The strange message, inked on a homicide victim, makes Detective Ellie MacIntosh’s blood run cold.

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Worse, it is soon followed by a message on a second victim in the same location. MacIntosh realizes this is personal—a challenge directed at her and her volatile partner, Jason Santiago. As a cat and mouse game with a conscienceless killer emerges, the detectives start to fear that they have met their match.

His deranged obsession is costing lives, and soon he contacts MacIntosh personally to taunt her. Ellie must race against time to try to solve the unsolvable before it is too late.

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