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Read Meg Ripley’s bestselling Daddy Dragon Guardians series in one fantastical compilation, brimming with sizzling passion and sassy supernatural mates! The four featured stories of this exciting anthology include: Holden’s Mate, Xander’s Mate, Beau’s Mate¬† and Julian’s Mate

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When the War of Storms devastates Charok, four dragon shifters flee their home planet, rescuing the eggs of their slain queen along the way. Will they find their mates in this strange, new world called Earth?

Read Meg Ripley’s Bestselling Daddy Dragon Guardians Series In One Fantastical Compilation, Brimming With Sizzling Passion And Sassy Supernatural Mates!

The four featured stories of this exciting anthology include:

Holden’s Mate

Holden has come to Earth as one of the last of his kind. Dedicated to raising one of the dragon babies left behind by his slain queen, he must acclimate to this strange new planet in order to succeed. Humans prove to be odd creatures, but one blue-eyed beauty compels him in ways he’s never experienced. Their paths cross often, and he can barely keep his inner dragon in check when she’s nearby. The fierce need to protect her completely takes over, and he knows he must have her.
After a year of separation, Leah’s divorce from her cheating ex is final. She’s relieved, but finds the stress of everything has compromised her psychic abilities, which she relies on to keep a roof over her head. She knows she just needs time, and pushing forward with her new life as a single woman sounds like the perfect solution. But when she keeps running into the same mysterious, gorgeous stranger, Leah’s plan to write off men proves to be harder than she thought.
With her reluctance to start a new relationship and Holden’s secret, will these two find a way to be together as fate intends them to be?

Xander’s Mate
Along with his fellow dragon shifters that have come to Earth from Charok, Xander is looking for a mate to help him raise his charge: a baby dragon princess who was rescued after the killing of her mother, their queen. But it can’t be just any woman. When dragons find their perfect mates, their bodies react so fiercely, they can’t deny it. Summer is most definitely that woman. His inner dragon claws at his will when he’s around her, threatening to tear it to shreds. His urge to be with her is uncontrollable, but the harder he tries to be with her, the more Summer pulls away. Summer is a free spirit. And a witch. She’s happy with her life, running a new age shop with her twin sister, and finds using her powers to help others to be quite fulfilling. But when she meets Xander, her world is suddenly turned upside down. He claims they’re meant to be together; destined for each other, even. He can feel it in his bones. But they’re such different people, she can’t fathom how it could ever work. If two souls are truly destined to be together, can they overcome their differences enough to realize a love that knows no bounds?

Beau’s Mate

Autumn is a busy, no-nonsense witch. With the task of expanding her new age shop, the last thing she has time for in her life is a man. But when she gets dragged to a party, she can’t help but notice the burly blonde hunk standing by the bonfire. His adorable toddler only makes him even more irresistible.
As a dragon shifter from another world, Beau knows it’s his responsibility to find his destined mate. He isn’t so sure that he’s ready, but he knows Elliot will only benefit from having a mother figure around. It makes matters much more difficult to know that he must find a human woman, but he’s intrigued by the sexy redheaded Autumn.
Sparks fly at first, but Autumn proves to be just as stubborn as he is. He wants to keep her safe, but the fiercely independent woman won’t let him. The zealots fighting to have Autumn and her twin sister run out of town have threatened their lives, and he knows he must protect her.
With this sassy witch and hard-headed dragon, it all comes down to a battle of will.

Julian’s Mate
Julian knows it’s his responsibility to find a mate. After all, he’s the guardian of a toddler dragon, and she deserves to have a mother figure in her life. But while his fellow dragons from Charok have been able to find their fated partners in this strange new world, Julian knows his is nowhere on Earth.
With the help of a rogue wizard, Naomi had secretly left Charok years prior when she became so ill, the energies of the planet would no longer sustain her failing dragon form. She’d always miss her ancestral home, but the wizard promised her transition would not only save her life, but that of several others as well.
Little did she know the same wizard would also be helping a few other dragons escape during the War of Storms, and years later on Earth, she’s shocked to find Julian, the shifter she knew as her one true mate back on Charok.
Reuniting with Julian is like a dream come true, until the couple discovers a powerful demon has slipped into the living realm on Earth along with Naomi. When they discover exactly what this evil being is capable of, will these two fated souls be pulled apart once and for all?

This paranormal romance collection features steamy shifter scenes and is intended for readers 18+.

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