Dead Ice: An Anita Blake Novel



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‘Voodoo of the blackest kind’… Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, faces her darkest hour yet.
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Zombies and voodoo collide in the latest Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, novel from the #1New York Times bestselling author of Affliction and A Shiver of Light.
Becoming the fiancée of master vampire Jean-Claude is wreaking havoc with Anita Blake’s reputation as a hardass—to some extent. Luckily, in professional circles, she’s still the go-to expert for zombie issues. And right now, the FBI is having one hell of a zombie issue.

Someone is producing zombie porn. Anita has seen her share of freaky undead fetishes, so this shouldn’t bother her. But the women being victimized aren’t just mindless, rotting corpses. Their souls are trapped behind their eyes, signaling voodoo of the blackest kind.

It’s the sort of case that can leave a mark on a person. And Anita’s own soul may not survive unscathed…

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