Death of an Italian Chef: A Hayley Powell Mystery



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When Chef Romeo, who just opened up a new restaurant in town, dies from complications after having a heart attack, Hayley Powell, whose hospitalized brother swears it was murder, must find the person who had no reservations about killing the chef.

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The charming coastal town of Bar Harbor, Maine, has a fancy new Italian restaurant–and a nasty new murder…


As the food and cocktails columnist for the Island Times, it’s Hayley Powell’s job to stay on top of the latest eateries in town. Just in time for the summer tourist season, Chef Romeo, a successful restaurateur from New York City, has opened an establishment called–naturally–Romeo’s. But between his over-the-top temperament and his no-holds-barred diet, Chef Romeo may not live through the grand opening.


When the chef actually does suffer a mild heart attack, he ends up sharing a hospital room with Hayley’s brother Randy, who’s there for gall bladder surgery. Chef Romeo has tasted Hayley’s cooking and asks her to take over his restaurant while he’s laid up. But this temporary gig may turn permanent, after the chef dies from complications. Only thing is, Randy tells a different story. He might have been sedated, but Hayley’s bro swears he saw someone come into their room and put Romeo out of his misery. Now it’s up to Hayley to find the person who had no reservations about killing the chef…

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