Everything and the Moon: Lyndon Sisters, Book 1



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Victoria Lyndon, a vicar’s daughter, and Robert Kemble, the Earl of Macclesfield, fall in love, yet their fathers oppose the match. They plan to elope, but Victoria is detained by her father. Thinking she has abandoned him, Robert leaves town. Seven years pass before they meet again. Can they overcome their past and trust again?

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It was indisputably love at first sight. But Victoria Lyndon was merely the teenaged daughter of a vicar. . .while Robert Kemble was the dashing young earl of Macclesfield. Surely what their meddlesome fathers insisted must have been true-that he was a reckless seducer determined to destroy her innocence. . . and she was a shameless fortune hunter. So it most certainly was for the best when their plans to elope went hopelessly awry.

Even after a seven-year separation, Victoria-now a governess-still leaves Robert breathless. But how could he ever again trust the raven-haired deceiver who had shattered his soul? And Victoria could never give her heart a second time to the cad who so callously trampled on it the first. But a passion fated will not be denied, and vows of love yearn to be kept. . . even when one promises the moon.

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