Felice: Bayou Bad Boys, Book 1



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The illegitimate son of a voodoo witch, René Thibodeaux earns a high-ranking position at a lucrative shipping company in New Orleans and falls for his employer’s beautiful daughter, Felice, but refuses to act on his feelings because nothing will stand in the way of his success.

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When beautiful shipping heiress Felicité Marielle Christiane Andrews finally returns to New Orleans after two years abroad, she does not expect to come face to face with the man she cannot forget–or to find him more captivating than ever. Now she must remind herself that she:

Lives a fabulous life in England
Is engaged to marry a fine man of nobility
Cannot allow the wicked Cajun back into her life…

…But indeed, she does. Charismatic René Thibodeaux, illegitimate son of a voodoo witch, has worked hard to rise above his poverty-stricken bayou youth. He’s put his thieving and womanizing days behind him and earned a high-ranking position at Felice’s father’s company. Seeing her again only intensifies his longing for her–and his deep remorse for his past foolishness. But despite his success, he must remind himself:

He is unworthy of Felice in every way
She is forbidden fruit
He will do anything to win her–even risk his life…

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