First Kiss at Christmas: The Off Season



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As Christmas approaches, 25-year-old preschool teacher Kayla Harris, who has never been kissed, finds herself drawn to Tony DiNunzio and his nephew, and wonders if she can overcome her own insecurities that are standing in her way of happiness.

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On the Chesapeake Bay, you don’t need mistletoe for the perfect Christmas kiss…

Not many women still have “first kiss” on their Christmas list, but somehow Kayla Harris is permanently in the friend zone with men. So when veteran Tony DeNunzio shows up in her preschool classroom with his nephew, Jax, her focus is solely on helping the troubled little boy adjust. But as Tony takes on a volunteer role at the school, she can’t help noticing his softer side is as appealing as his rugged male presence.

Tony will do anything to make Jax’s first Christmas without his mom a happy one. And that includes spending more time than is typical with the teacher who’s drawn Jax out of his shell. Beautiful and kindhearted, Kayla makes Tony long for family and a happiness he doesn’t think he deserves. But with the magic of Christmas in the air, a first kiss might lead them both to a forever love.

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