First Love, Take Two



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A doctor doing her residency, Preeti Patel, discovers too late that her new roommate is her ex-boyfriend, Daniel, who is still super-hot and an amazing cook but was driven away by her traditional and strict family.

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On the verge of realizing her dream of being a doctor, Preeti Patel should be ecstatic. But between the stress of her residency, trying to find a job, and managing her traditional, no-boundaries family, Preeti’s anxiety is through the roof. Relationships and love aren’t even an option. Fortunately, Preeti’s finally found a new place to stay . . . only to discover that her new roommate is her ex.


Preeti never quite got over Daniel Thompson. Super-hot, plenty of swagger, amazing cook–the guy is practically perfect. And if it weren’t for their families, there might have been a happily ever after. But it’s hard to keep her sanity and libido in check when the man of her dreams is sleeping mere feet away. Can Preeti and Daniel find a way to stand up and fight for each other one last time . . . before they lose their second chance?

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