Good Earl Gone Bad: A Lords of Anarchy Novel, Book 2



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When a night of cards leads to a lady’s hand in marriage, Jasper Fawley, the Earl of Mainwaring, finds his new wife, Lady Ophelia Dauntry, quite lovely, but her interest in the Lords of Anarchy, a club of which he is a member, makes him very nervous

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Marriage? To a gambler? You must be joking! Lady Ophelia Dauntry has never been one to back down from a challenge. And when her spendthrift father does the unthinkable and loses her hand in marriage at the gaming tables, she is faced with the challenge of her life. Not only in the man she’ll be forced to marry–the Earl of Mainwaring–a gamester, he’s also a member of the Lords of Anarchy–the driving club she holds responsible for her dear friend Lucinda’s confinement in an asylum, though they have never claimed responsibility. Marriage to Mainwaring won’t be easy, but perhaps it will give her the entrée behind the scenes of the LOA she needs to find out which of them had Lucinda put away.
All Jasper Fawley, the Earl of Mainwaring, wanted was a night of cards, but by the end of the evening he walks away not only with a great deal of money, but a lady’s hand in marriage. It’s not as if he doesn’t already have a great deal on his plate, what with paying for his sisters’ seasons and searching for James Craven’s killer amongst the Lords of Anarchy. But despite his misgivings, he finds his new wife more than beddable and to his surprise and dismay she seems to have quite an interest in the LOA. Could she be one of those women who throw themselves at members willy-nilly, or is there some other reason for her interest in the club? And will their dealings with the club become far more dangerous than either of them could have anticipated?

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