Highland Chance: The Complete Series



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Includes: Second Chance with a Highlander, Highland Tides by Chance and A Chance to Love a Highlander Bonus Novelette Finding His Heart.

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Second Chance with a Highlander

When Kate looks into his eyes she realizes she has seen him before, in her dreams. She has felt his kisses and touched his skin. Now Kate finds herself in a different place and time. He is not a dream but very real and handsome, intoxicating.

Highland Tides by Chance

Anna’s best friend was her sister Elle. When the unexpected happens, Anna decides to go through with the trip as planned.

Nothing very exciting ever happened to Anna until she woke up wet, covered in sand, and with a man standing above her.

He is tall. He is strong. He is very handsome.
He makes her mouth water and her body quiver.
Everything has changed,
for better or worse.

A Chance to Love a Highlander

Elle was nothing like her sweet sister Anna and she never really expected to be. She enjoys what men can do for her.

She’d screwed up big time when she’d accidentally caused her sisters fall into the waters overboard, but at the same time it began their greatest adventure.

When Elle finds herself in the ghostly way–dead– everything is put into perspective, but that will not change the feelings she has grown for one man even though she believes him forever lost to her.

Elle and Mikel have more in common than she realized.

They are both in for a surprise of epic proportions and only time will write their ending…

Bonus Novelette Finding His Heart ~ Maverick’s Story Maverick never thought he’d find love as he watched each of his closest friends find just that; earth shattering love. What he finds defies time…

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