Honky Tonk Christmas: Honky Tonk Cowboys, Book 4



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Art starts imitating life when mystery author Sharlene Waverly decides to write a romance novel as hot as the Texas sun, which leads her to Holt Jackson, the living embodiment of a romance hunk.  Includes brand-new novella!

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A Christmas celebration that no one will ever forget…

Sharlene Waverly is bound and determined to finally get going on that mystery novel she’s been researching ever since the Year One, but she gets distracted by the Honky Tonk’s previous barmaids’ romance stories. She decides to put the mystery aside and write a romance novel so hot it’ll melt the soles off a cowboy’s best eel-skin boots, but then she gets distracted again. This time it’s the hot hunky cowboy who’s agreed to help her get the Honky Tonk spit-shined for the best Christmas celebration ever planned in two counties. And Sharlene begins to wonder if those tall tales she’s been hearing about a little ol’ beer joint with a surefire love charm might just be true after all…

Includes brand-new novella!

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