House of War and Bone: A Gilded City, Book 2



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Fallon Bane, cursed to feel pain from touch, accidentally swaps powers with Ariyon, the only person able to touch her, leading her on a perilous journey to save him from the land of souls while navigating her new abilities as a Maven healer as the looming threat of war grows

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From USA Today bestselling author Leia Stone comes the next book in the addictive Gilded City series, about a girl who must battle curses, dark powers, and her own heart. This world of dazzling fae magic and romantic pining is perfect for fans of Wednesday and Holly Black.

?The only guy in the world who could kiss me was about to be taken out by some Nightling with a vendetta against his family.

Fallon Bane thought that being cursed to feel pain every time she was touched was the worst thing that would ever happen to her.

She was wrong.

The worst thing was finding and falling for Ariyon—the only person in the realm who can touch her—only to accidentally trap him in the land of souls and swap powers with him.

Now she must act as Maven healer to Queen Solana while trying to figure out how to sneak into the Realm of Eternity to save Ariyon.

She drove me crazy, in both good and bad ways, and all I wanted to do was finally kiss her, hold her, feel her body relax into mine like it’d found its missing other half.

Aryion Madden had enough to deal with: heir to the throne, Maven healing powers that meant he would die young, and orphaned by Marissa Bane. Then, he met Marissa’s daughter and fell in love, upending everything he thought he knew.

Now, he has to fight for his life—and maybe his afterlife—against the undead using Fallon’s dark magic.

And if that’s not enough to worry about, all the while, the prophesied Nightling war is approaching.

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