Jane Darrowfield and the Madwoman Next Door: A Jane Darrowfield Mystery



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When her new neighbor Megan, who has been having blackouts, hearing voices and feeling like someone’s following her, vanishes into thin air, Jane Darrowfield and the police look into the ambitious young lawyer’s past where some things should stay.

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Jane Darrowfield is using her retirement years to work as a professional busybody in her West Cambridge, Massachusetts community–but this time her client is a woman next door who thinks someone is following her…


Megan, who’s purchased the house next to Jane’s, needs some help from her snooping neighbor. Megan’s been having blackouts, hearing voices–and feeling like someone’s following her. Are these symptoms of an illness–or signs that she’s in danger?

Considering the extensive security system in Megan’s house, it seems like she should be safe–yet she soon vanishes into thin air. Some think she’s run away, but would this ambitious young lawyer on the partner track really miss a meeting with an important client? And where’s Megan’s cat?

The mystery is about to deepen when the cat is finally located in a hidden panic room–and as Jane and the police look into Megan’s friends, family, and past, it may be time to sound the alarm…

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