Maverick: Cat Star Legacy, Book 1



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Zetithians are back. And they’re hotter than ever… Calling on his empath friend, Althea, for help, to see if his lover’s feelings are true, Zetithian soon discovers that Althea is the only woman in the galaxy who can truly satisfy his cravings.

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Zetithians are back. And they’re hotter than ever…

Having the Zetithian feline gene gives Larry Tshevnoe awesome beauty, fearsome strength, sensuality and sexual prowess unmatched by any other males in the universe. But it can make the quest for true love…complicated.

Enter childhood friend and fellow Zetithian Althea Banadänsk. Her empathic powers make her the only one who can show Larry what he truly desires, and she’ll do anything to help…even if that means hiding her desperate craving for him.

But when a distress call sends them off course—and into danger—they find more than their hearts are at stake. Now it’s up to them to become the champions of truth and justice throughout the galaxy…or risk losing it all.

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