Maverick: The Taggart Brothers, Book 3



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After suffering two back-to-back concussions, cowboy Bodey is restricted from his usual pastimes and decides to spend the rest of his summer chasing after Beth Tivoli who, new to his circle of friends, is unlike any woman he has ever met

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Rough riding Bodey Taggart may be rock hard and tough as nails, but even he has a soft side when the right woman comes along…

Bodey has always followed his own rules: live hard, play hard, and win big. But when his wild ways give him two concussions within a month of each other, his brothers lay down some new rules: no bronco busting, sky diving, or ATVs for the rest of summer. It seems the only pastimes not restricted are shooting competitions…and women.

Beth Tivoli is new to Bodey’s circle of friends, and unlike any woman Bodey has ever met—she isn’t about to follow him into bed. She’s not looking to hook up with anyone, especially when she’s trying to escape her past. Bodey quickly realizes that courting Beth is no game, and despite her resolve, they both begin to discover that maybe romance can be different this time around…

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