Merry and Bright



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Contains 3 classic stories: Finding Mr. Right, Bah Handsome! and Ms. Humbug

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Finding Mr. Right
Brilliant chemist Maggie Bell has a knack for choosing Mr. Wrong, and with yet another lonely Christmas looming, she decides it’s time to alter the equation—and seek out someone who seems totally wrong for her. Eureka! The heart is a genius . . .
Bah Handsome!
Behind on her bills, B&B owner Hope receives an unlikely guest—stranded solicitor Danny, who’s been threatening to put her out of business. Funny how the holidays can bring people together no matter how much they resist . . .

Ms. Humbug
Born rebel or overgrown man child, Matt is the kind of man no woman can tame—until an unexpected encounter with his nemesis, Cami, at the office holiday party proves there’s an exception to every rule . . .

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