Miss Violet and the Great War: A Strangely Beautiful Novel, Book 3



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The fourth book in Leanna Renee Hieber’s award-winning Strangely Beautiful series focuses on Violet Rychman and William Page, balanced precariously between the fate of their families and the fates of their respective prophecies. Guided by the Muses, our beloved Guard rouse to tie up their very last loose ends, fight the violent death throes of an impossible foe, and perform one last service as the ultimate mediators between life and death, all against the most frightening backdrop of all: a world war.

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A superb, standalone adventure in Leanna Renee Hieber’s groundbreaking, critically acclaimed Strangely Beautiful series, full of passion and power.

From childhood, Violet Rychman has dreamed of a coming war, of death and battle on an unimaginable scale. She has seen and heard ghosts, who have loved and guided her.

Now the future she dreamed has come to pass. World War I rages across Europe. Millions of people are dying; entire villages are disappearing.

A great and terrible vision sweeps over Violet, offering powers heralded by the Muses of antiquity. The ability to impact people’s memories, even shape their thoughts. To guide their souls. To pass between the world of the living and that of the dead and to bring others through that passage.

These and other gifts once belonged to people Violet loved. Now they are hers, and she must use them to attempt to stop death itself.

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