Never Mix Sin with Pleasure: The Infamous Lords Series, Book 5



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Companion to an elderly dowager, thief Olivia Michaels uses her position to secretly exact her own justice on wicked nobleman until her employer’s grandson arrives who, she soon finds out, is capable of stealing her heart

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With the proper calculations, even a reckless rake and a secretly infamous woman can find a love they can count on…

No one would ever guess that Olivia Michaels, companion to an elderly dowager, is really the thief the London newspapers have nicknamed the Phantom. Working in a nobleman’s home is the perfect guise to gather information, allowing her to exact her own justice on several wicked noblemen. But when the dowager’s grandson, notorious ne’er-do-well Lord Anthony Trent, requires her assistance with some tasks of his own, Olivia discovers that the charming rogue may be capable of stealing something himself–her heart…

Anthony has his own secret: Numbers get jumbled in his head. He’s cultivated his reckless reputation as a way to avoid dealing with his family’s businesses. Yet as obligations fall on him, he’s determined to prove his worth, and Olivia’s genius for numbers is a boon he hadn’t expected. But as the pair pore over ledgers together each evening, their connection blooms into a heated flirtation that threatens to expose the secrets each of them has been hiding…

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