Never Trust a Pirate: The Playful Brides, Book 7



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With too many identities to count, Mr. Cade Cavendish, a spy for the English government, meets his match in Miss Danielle LaCrosse who, posing as a lady’s maid, tries to uncover the identity of the elusive Black Fox and foil a plot to bring back the exiled Napoleon before he does.

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Cade Cavendish is a ne’er-do-well, a rumoured pirate, and a man with more false identities than his twin brother, the Viscount, can count. Cade’s just returned to London after years of being away to prove himself not only very much alive, but also still very much the black sheep of his small family. But Cade has a secret—one that may ruin the tentative trust he’s regained with his brother, not to mention the fact that his brother has warned him away from his new maid.

Danielle LaCrosse fled her native land after the Napoleonic wars, and now all she wants is to begin a new life in England—and her position in the Cavendish household seems just the way to do it. But when her new employer’s handsome brother tempts her, and she gets wrapped up in a plot to uncover the identity of the elusive Black Fox, she is placed in grave danger. The agent foiling the plan is a master of disguise. Could he be the man she’s secretly falling for? And what sort of danger are they both really in?

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