On the Way to Us



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Going up against sexy cantina owner Hunter, gospel singer Mercy Spenser, who is on a charitable mission, doesn’t know what to do when love enters the picture.

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He’s a tempting heap of Texas trouble…

Mercy Spenser promised her friend and roommate she’d spend her vacation in west Texas for a charitable mission—she didn’t agree to the oppressive heat, massive spiders, or the rowdy cantina next door drowning out her gospel singing. She’s not the type to sit idly by, so when she clashes with the sexy-as-hell man who runs the place, her temper is hot enough to nearly burn down the entire town.

Despite refusing to turn down his jukebox and inviting Miss Mercy to leave his cantina alone, Hunter Wilson can’t get that gospel singer with the ice-blue eyes out of his mind. Finding her again in their tiny town isn’t the problem. Convincing her that he’s interested—well, that’s another story. But if Mercy will give Hunter one more chance to show his true feelings, they just might find the love of a lifetime.

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