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In a sequel to Better off Read, a delinquent patron’s untimely death in the wake of community accidents and an offer to return a decades-overdue book traps septuagenarian librarian Cleo Watkins between the suspicious police and a determined killer.

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Senior librarian Cleo Watkins takes the wheel of her trusty bookmobile—only to speed right into the middle of a murder plot.

For more than forty years, septuagenarian librarian Cleo Watkins has tried to get patron Dixie Huddleston to return the most overdue volume in Catalpa Springs, Georgia. As that long-dreamt-of day arrives, Cleo and her feline sidekick, Rhett Butler, head out in her school-bus-turned-bookmobile, Words on Wheels, to retrieve the book. But why is Dixie finally ready to relinquish it? Superstitious Dixie says she’s seen the signs: Something’s coming for her, her end is near, so she’s getting her affairs in order.

Cleo dismisses Dixie’s fears…until she and her gentleman friend, antiquarian bookseller Henry Lafayette, arrive to find Dixie dead, her face frozen in terror. Her old nemesis may have died of fright, as the police suggest, but to Cleo, something doesn’t check out.

With suspects stacking up, Cleo carefully catalogues the clues as threatening omens set the town on edge. Will the killer turn the final page on someone Cleo loves? Southern manners, sweet tea, and library justice fill the pages of Read on Arrival, Nora Page’s endearing second Bookmobile mystery.

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