Seven-Year Witch: A Witch Way Librarian Mystery, Book 2



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When FBI agent Sam Wilfred’s soon-to-be ex-wife goes missing and a local architect working at a cursed location is murdered, Josie enlists her witchy insight to clear Sam’s name and discover who is drawing up some killer plans.

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Finding your feet in a new job isn’t always easy. That goes double for Josie Way, who’s settling in as Wilfred, Oregon’s, new librarian–and has just discovered she’s a witch. But will her fledgling powers be enough to save her from a spell of murder?


While Josie develops her witchcraft with the help of letters left by her grandmother, there are other changes happening in her new hometown. A retreat center is being built at the old mill site, and rumor has it that the location is cursed. That piques Josie’s interest almost as much as Sam Wilfred, handsome FBI agent and descendent of the town’s founder…


When Sam’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Fiona, goes missing at the same time that a bloodied weapon is found, Josie enlists her witchy insight, and her cat familiar, to clear Sam’s name. But then the mill project’s architect is found dead, and it’s clear that someone has been drawing up a vicious plan. Now Josie will have to divine her way out of fatal mischief, before this deadly trouble turns double…

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