Slipknot: A Jane Bunker Mystery, Book 1



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Returning to the small Maine fishing community of her childhood, marine investigator Jane Bunker finds herself drawn into the case of a town drunk’s death, which she finds unsettlingly linked to local disputes over fishing and paternity rights.

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Welcome to the coastal village of Green Haven, where someone has gone to sleep with the fishes…

Jane Bunker returned to Maine to escape the mean streets of Miami. Surely whatever crimes are committed in this tourist-filled seaside town won’t involve anything as dark or seedy as what she saw in the so-called Sunshine State. It’s a bit of a shock, then, when Nick Dow, AKA the town drunk, turns up dead—and it’s not the simple accident that everyone assumes it to be. Now it’s up to Jane to plunge the depths of this case even though only two things are certain: Nothing is what it seems, and the whole town is in each other’s business. It’s not until Jane impulsively hops on a boat with the killer—and heads out to sea—that the terrifying truth begins to reach the surface. .

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