Texas Glory: Texas Trilogy, Book 2



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Shamelessly traded by her father for land and water rights, Cordelia McQueen becomes the bride of Dallas Leigh, a man determined to put West Texas on the map in the 1880s and win the heart of his new spouse.

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She never dreamed of the happiness . . .

Cordelia McQueen is little more than a prisoner in her father’s house until he barters her off to a stranger in exchange for land and water rights. Now in a new place and married to a man as big and bold as untamed Texas, Cordelia prepares to live within her husband’s shadow and help him achieve his goals.

Only he could promise her . . .

Dallas has one driving ambition: to put West Texas on the map. Convinced he’s too harsh a man to be loved, he expects nothing except a son from his shy wife. But with each passing day, Dallas discovers a woman of immense hidden courage and fortitude. He is determined to give her his heart, even if it means letting her go to achieve her own dreams and find her own glory.

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