Texas Splendor: Texas Trilogy, Book 3



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Released from prison after serving five years for a crime he did not commit, Austin Leigh discovers that his beloved Becky is now married to another man and sets out to find the killer who had destroyed his life, with the assistance of Loree Grant, a beautiful woman who has survived her own tragedies.

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A man on a mission . . .

After five grueling years in a Texas prison, Austin Leigh is finally a free man. He can’t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart. But when he discovers she didn’t wait for him and is now married, he becomes more determined to clear his name of the crime he never committed.

Meets the one woman who could offer him salvation—and love . . .

En route to the state capital, he meets a young woman, Loree Grant, and her dog. When he learns that they have survived a mysterious tragedy, he is moved—and curious. And as he spends more time with the lovely, intriguing woman, he sees glimpses of a future he had thought was no longer possible as they both find a new lease on life—and a love that can overcome any obstacle . . .

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