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Forced by scandal and tragedy to return to her Pacific coast childhood home, Caroline assumes guardianship over two orphans and bonds with a circle of fellow seamstresses before an unexpected challenge tests her courage and heart.

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The #1 New York Times bestselling author brings us her most ambitious and provocative work yet–a searing and timely novel that explores the sustaining power of women’s friendships.

At the break of dawn, Caroline Shelby rolls into Oysterville, Washington, a tiny hamlet at the edge of the raging Pacific.

She’s come home to a place she thought she’d left forever. Ten years ago, Caroline launched a career in the glamorous world of fashion. But her success imploded on a wave of scandal, forcing her to flee to the only safe place she knows.

And in the back seat of Caroline’s car are two child-ren who were orphaned in a single chilling moment: five-year-old Addie and six-year-old Flick. She’s now their legal guardian–a role she’s not sure she’s ready for.

The Oysterville she left behind has changed. Her siblings have their own complicated lives and her aging parents are hoping to retire. And there’s Will Jensen, a decorated Navy SEAL who’s returned home after being wounded overseas. Will and Caroline were forever friends as children, with the promise of something more . . . until he fell in love with Sierra, Caroline’s best friend and the most beautiful girl in town. With her modeling jobs drying up, Sierra, too, is on the cusp of reinventing herself.

Caroline returns to the sewing shop where she first found her passion, and discovers that even in an idyllic beach town, there are women living with the deepest of secrets. Thus begins the Oysterville Sewing Circle–where women can join forces to support each other through the troubles they keep hidden.

Yet just as Caroline and the children begin to heal from their loss, a new threat tests her courage and her heart. This time, though, Caroline is not going to run away. She’s going to stand and fight for everything–and everyone–she loves.


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