Time of Death: A Stillwater General Mystery, Book 1



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ER nurse Frankie Stapleton returns home to Stillwater to repair family relationships, but after saving a patient’s life at the hospital–only for him to die hours later–Frankie must catch a killer to clear her name.

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Welcome to Stillwater, a quiet town nestled on the banks of the Illinois River. Twelve years ago, Frankie Stapleton moved to Chicago, leaving behind her family, their struggling hardware store, and her fiancé. Now she’s back–an emergency room nurse with an adrenaline addiction and a string of failed engagements–to help her pregnant sister, Charlie, and to put the past behind her, once and for all.

But within minutes of arriving at Stillwater General Hospital, Frankie walks into an ER overloaded with a busload of crash victims. Amidst the chaos, she stumbles upon a lone man suffering a cardiac arrest outside the ER bay. With no one to spare him a passing glance, Frankie acts to save the man’s life, despite the fact that she’s not licensed at Stillwater Gen and her priorities should lie with her sister, whose pregnancy has taken a dangerous turn up in the maternity ward.

After leaving the man in stable condition with the hospital staff, Frankie finally makes it to Charlie’s bedside. But mere hours later, her patient is dead, her sister has undergone an emergency C-section, and Frankie has been slapped with the threat of a malpractice lawsuit.

Something’s not right in Stillwater, and Frankie suspects her patient didn’t die of natural causes. With her career on life support and a growing rift between Frankie and the family she left behind so many years ago, Frankie must catch a killer to clear her name. But first she has to prove there even is a killer in Time of Death, Lucy Kerr’s enthralling mystery debut.

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