‘Tis the Season: The Harrisons, Book 3



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After a disastrous divorce, Charles Harrison III, the eldest of his illustrious clan, cannot afford another scandal, but finds himself unable to deny his attraction to Lisette Gardner, the beautiful nanny living under his roof who comes from a vastly different world and has a troubled past.

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As the eldest son of the illustrious Harrison clan, Charles Harrison the III has always done the right thing. With his family’s legacy to uphold, he can’t afford a scandal, even if temptation is living right under his roof. His well-publicized divorce was a disgrace, so Charles is sure an affair with his bewitching nanny would bring his family even more infamy. And yet, he can’t resist the alluring Lisette . . .

With her usually reserved boss sending her heated looks, Lisette Gardner is in a bind. The nurturing nanny has always loved the eldest Harrison from a distance. But coming from a vastly different world, with a painful past that still haunts her, Lisette is determined to resist Charles’s advances. Because Lisette can accept nothing less than forever with Charles . . . and forever might be too much to hope for with the reigning prince of the Harrison clan.

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