Wasteland King: A Gallow and Ragged Novel, Book 3



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In order so save both Robin Ragged and himself, Jeremiah Gallow must do the unspeakable and ally with the Unseelie King for a very delicate mission.

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The thrilling conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow’s dark fantasy series where the faery world inhabits diners, dive bars and trailer parks.

The plague has been stopped, the Wild Hunt mastered, but the balance of power in the sidhe realms is still shifting. The unSeelie King has a grudge against Jeremiah, but that grudge will have to wait. For he needs Gallow’s services for a very delicate mission — and the prize held out for success is Robin Ragged herself.

Robin wants nothing to do with Gallow, but that isn’t his problem. His problem is the Sluagh, the moonlit cavalcade of death all sidhe fear, that takes no master who is not strong enough to escape it. The Sluagh has been called on Gallow, the Queen of the sidhe’s treachery grows ever deeper, most unSeelie would just as soon kill him as help him, and in order to save both Robin and himself, Gallow will have to do the unspeakable. He must become more than he ever dreamed.
He must become a king.

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