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Deep In The Subtropical Wilderness Of The Everglades, Four Rugged Bears Find Their Mates. Read All Four Stories Of Meg Ripley’s Werebears Of The Everglades Series In One Red-Hot Collection: This thrilling anthology includes: Alpha’s Second Chance, Fated Attraction, Nanny For The Soldier Bear and Relentless Mates

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Deep In The Subtropical Wilderness Of The Everglades, Four Rugged Bears Find Their Mates

Read All Four Stories Of Meg Ripley’s Werebears Of The Everglades Series In One Red-Hot Collection

The four featured 30,000 word stories of this thrilling anthology include:

Alpha’s Second Chance

Owen thought he had his life all figured out. He was the Head Ranger of the beautiful Everglades National Park, Alpha of a loyal bear clan and alone. Since saying goodbye to Addie years ago, he’s never found love again–and he doesn’t want to. Determined to focus on his career and clan, his plan was working fine. Until she wanders into his park and back into his life.

Addie has just graduated college and is heading off to the park to celebrate by camping with friends. When she runs into her first love, all feelings of heartbreak resurface. She does her best to move on and enjoy her girls’ vacation, but struggles when she realizes she’s not over Owen after all.

Addie hopes to rekindle things with Owen, and deep down, Owen wants the same, but his secret has forced him to shut her out from his heart. How could things ever change between them if the truth stays hidden? With new forces coming against them both, will they be able to rely on each other and give their love a second chance, or are things really over for good?

Fated Attraction

Britt’s life as a panther shifter is simple: shift, hunt, repeat. This tough-as-nails Gladeswoman doesn’t want any man in her life; he’d only get in her way. So, needless to say, when an obnoxious bear shifter claims her kill while she’s hunting one day, she’s not exactly thrilled. Worse yet, he keeps randomly crossing her path. She just wants him to get lost, but something about his scent is undeniably irresistible.

Ezra can’t understand why this backwoods panther chick hates him so much. He didn’t mean to go after her kill; he even left it for her, so what’s her deal? He can’t stand her, yet he can’t stop thinking about her, either. She’s driving him insane—and wild at the same time.

But when a Florida panther is found dead in Everglades National Park—the result of an obvious murder—Britt has no choice but to turn to Ezra. As a ranger in the park, it’s his job to protect all wildlife. They’re forced to work together to find the killer, and Britt’s life is in danger, whether she’ll admit it or not.

Will they tolerate each other long enough to find the murderer? Or will their common goal prove to be the catalyst that brings them together?

Nanny For The Soldier Bear
Jessie has just earned her teaching degree and is ready to leave her small hometown behind, joining her sister in an area with a lot more jobs. But soon after she arrives, tragedy strikes and she’s asked to be the nanny to a little girl who’s just lost both of her parents. She has zero experience as a nanny, but Jessie can’t say no–especially when her new boss looks like him. She’s just not sure how long she can handle his tough exterior.

Conner’s life has been hard enough. After a deployment in Afghanistan and the PTSD that still haunts him, this bear shifter doesn’t think he’ll ever be right again. So when he learns that his brother and sister-in-law have been killed in the Everglades, leaving him as the guardian of their little girl, he’s ready to snap. Luckily, a sweet young thing named Jessie agrees to take on the challenge of watching over his niece.

Having Jessie in the house proves to not only help soothe little Peyton, but Conner’s wounded heart as well. But Conner has an unimaginable secret that might scare her away from them both for good. Will he be able to let down his walls long enough to reveal his deepest secret of all?

And…Relentless Mates

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