When Life Gives You Vampires: Slaying It



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Lily Baines is a plus size girl trying to deal with internalized sizeism, a well-meaning but critical mother, and a world determined not to take fat people seriously. She figures things can’t get any harder…until she’s turned into a vampire. Now she’s left to grapple with a whole new crop of problems, including the fact that the body she’s in (the body she has such complicated feelings about) is hers, unchanging, forever more…

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Single (plus size) vampire, desperately in search of a life.

Twenty-five year old Lily Baines is used to waking up hungover, overweight, and underemployed. Waking up with fangs? Not so much. But when a little light necking has more serious consequences than she ever imagined, Lily’s determined to get to the bottom of it, or die (again) trying.

Tristan hadn’t meant to turn Lily—it’s against vampire law—but now that she’s here, they need to team up to save both their hides. They strike an uneasy truce, fending off other vampires, Lily’s work-rival-turned-slayer, and her mother’s tone-deaf romance and fitness advice…all while Lily faces down her insecurities about the fact that she lives in a diet-obsessed world with a body that will never age, never die, and never change.

Falling for her maddeningly gorgeous sire? Easy. Surviving an ancient vampire Master determined to see her twice-dead? Piece of cake. But can Lily ever truly learn to love the woman she’ll be forever more?

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