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Searching for the man she has loved since childhood, but was forbidden to see, flame-haired beauty Reshelle Russell defies her father and finally finds Chippewa warrior, White Fire, and helps him fight to regain all he has lost amid a passion that was destined to last a lifetime.

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A forbidden love, a lifelong passion, a destiny that won’t be denied…

Known as Flame for her fiery red hair, not to mention her temperament, beautiful Reshelle Russell wants only one man, the one she can’t have—or so she is told. But since childhood, Flame has known that the proud Chippewa warrior, White Fire, is meant for her. Now a grown woman, she has embarked on her quest for him, in defiance of her father, an elite army commander.

Imprisoned for three years by an enemy tribe, White Fire has returned only to discover that his wife is dead and his young son has been taken by a wealthy white couple. It seems nothing can penetrate his cold, embittered heart, much less heal it—until he lays eyes on Flame once more. And soon it is clear that together they can fight to regain all he has lost, amid a passion that was destined to last for a lifetime…

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