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Sparks fly when Mariah Temple, daughter of a notorious Indian-hater, falls in love with Echohawk, a handsome, daring Chippewa who has sworn to avenge the wrongs done to his tribe by white men such as Mariah’s father.

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Fate revealed their forbidden love. Passion allowed them to follow their hearts.
Beautiful and fiery of spirit, Mariah Temple is the daughter of a tyrannical father whose contempt for Native Americans has given them every reason to hate him. Echohawk is the daring Chippewa brave sworn to avenge the wrongs done to his father and his people. But when Mariah and Echohawk meet, the forbidden is unavoidable—bloodlines no longer matter, differences are swept away, and the two become inseparable . . . until a fiercely guarded secret tears them apart. A future together would seem impossible, yet nothing can diminish the smoldering, restless heat of their desire.

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