A Thin Line Series: Stepbrother Romance



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Diana Howard has never gotten over the one that got away. She buries herself in her work, but nothing seems to stop her from thinking about him. It was wrong and she knew it, but it felt, so very right. Life is about to throw her a monkey wrench, which will make it almost impossible for her not to reach out to him. Diana has always gone her own way, but it was a health scare that finally puts things into perspective. She no longer lives for the future, when the future is in the here and now.

Calvin Howard is a man with a past that haunts him. He lives with a permanent remainder that life is never easy. Instead on dwelling on it, he takes a negative and turns it into a positive. The only thing in his life that makes him yearn is the possibility of affection with his Stepsister. They are not related and for the most part he denies his feelings. It’s not, until Diana calls for help to deal with a stalker that finally throws them together. They can fight their feelings for one another, but how much will it take to let that passion be a reality, when they are living under the same roof?

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