At the Crossroads: A Buckhorn, Montana Novel, Book 3



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Desperate to find out who is framing him for the murder of his ex-wife, Culhane Travis returns to Buckhorn, Montana, where he must prove his innocence to the woman he loves before his enemies close in.

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They’re running for their lives, desperate for a second chance…

Once, Alexis Brand and Culhane Travis were partners, both on and off the job. Now the former deputy turned bounty hunter is on her former lover’s trail after he’s charged with killing the ex-wife Alexis didn’t know he had. Burying the feelings that still tie her to him, Alexis tracks down Culhane easily enough. But deadly trouble has followed him to this small Montana town, forcing them to flee from the law together and Alexis to guard secrets she hoped she’d never have to reveal.

Culhane’s desperate attempt to find out who’s framing him is the reason he’s returned to Buckhorn, Montana. Instead, he’s unwittingly dragged the woman he loves into danger. Alexis offers Culhane forty-eight hours to clear his name before turning him in—plenty of time to realize he never wants to be without her again. But will it be long enough to get the answers they need…before their enemies close in?

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