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When an outing together threatens both of their reputations, Rafe Townsend and Lauren Alcott, trapped into an engagement by their powerful business magnate fathers, devise a scheme that could either forge a partnership of deception or blaze a path to true love.

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From New York Times bestselling author Betina Krahn comes a sparkling new historical romance series that will ignite the spirit, and the heart as two people trapped into an unwanted engagement arranged by their business rival fathers must weather scandal and burgeoning mutual attraction that will either forge a true partnership or be the ruin of both their families. Filled with with Betina’s signature sparkling wit, the battle of wills between these two lovers are sure to captivate readers!


When dashing, determined bachelor Rafe Townsend, and beautiful, impetuous Lauren Alcott are trapped into an engagement by their powerful business magnate fathers, their attraction suggests there may be pleasurable compensations to matrimony after all. Until an outing together puts a damper on their future…


Lauren is appalled when Rafe refuses to help two women whose boat has overturned on a river. Stripping her outer clothing, she dives in to rescue them herself–delighting a nearby reporter. Soon newspapers and scandal sheets have labeled Rafe as less than heroic, for all of London to see, while Lauren is viewed by many as brazen. Besieged by scandalous rumors, and with both their reputations in the balance, what ensues is a prickly scheme that will either forge a partnership of deception–or blaze a path to true love…

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