The Highlander’s Irish Bride: Clan Kendrick



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While being escorted by a handsome Highlander to a remote Scottish estate where her parents hope she will finally learn to behave like a proper lady, Miss Kathleen Calvert finds herself on a thrilling passion-filled adventure when their journey is besieged by danger.

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Meet the most respectable member of the Kendrick Clan in bestselling author Vanessa Kelly’s intoxicating series–and the independent woman who has stolen his heart…


Miss Kathleen Calvert may be the daughter of an Irish aristocrat, but she has no intention of acting like one. All she desires is to return to her family’s estate to raise horses and manage her father’s magnificent gardens. But when a scandal threatens her reputation, her parents order her to a remote Scottish estate, hoping she will finally learn to behave like a proper lady. To make matters worse, her escort is a handsome Highlander who just happens to be the most boring man in all of Scotland…


After a youth of dangerous and wild escapades, Grant Kendrick surprised his family–and himself–by becoming a successful businessman and the most respectable Kendrick brother. But does that matter, when the beautiful and free-spirited Kathleen deems him a stodgy bore? Luckily, he gets the chance to prove her wrong when their carriage is ambushed by thieves. But it will take all his ingenuity to protect the beautiful lass who has stormed her way into his heart–and to convince her that a life with him will be a love-filled adventure…

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